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Feel safe and secure when booking with Adventure 14peaks Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Find out why below:

we are Genuiness service provider

Our Quality service is to all our clients and to Overseas partners and we provide resanable cost . Offering you competitive price does not mean that we sacrifice our service level. we are being 100% locally operated adventure travel company in Nepal  we normally keep   reasonable cost for our Products from our net  profit  2% we give to charity especially in education and health of poor childrens in remote area of Nepal Dirctly to them we make sure get it to the right peaple we hope our small help will bring  bright future of the childrens of the remote villages, thank you everyone!!!

Unique Itinararies

All the Itinararies and trekking routes operated by Adventure 14 Peaks have been fully developed with the support of our guides. We constantly search and explore new trekking routes across the country to let our clients experience spectacular beauty and culture. Each adventure tour itinerary has been properly evaluated and verified as per the trails feasibility, attractiveness, lodge facility, security, distance coverage and walking hours in order to be able to give our clients as much a true description of about the programs. When we develop a new trekking route, we thoroughly and constantly check the itinerary through our guides’ trip reports. If we identify a problem in any of the newly developed routes, we immediately modify our itinerary in order to ensure a complete safety to our clients. We generally avoid taking our clients to those areas that have been over-exploited. Or, if we happen to operate the trips, we will do it in such a way that help to minimize the contact with the crowds of the tourists and allow our clients to experience more authentically and promote a positive cultural exchange with local people and environment of Nepal.

Health-Safety is in our priority list

Adventure 14 Peaks is greatly concerned with health and safety of our clients as well as team. All our outdoor staff members are well insured. Considering health and safety of our clients, we stress priority to hygienic food to high altitude sickness remedy; from preliminary medical emarjency oxizens  treatment to helicopter rescue. Being one of the  Adventure 14 Peaks team is well equipped and fully trained in health and safety aspects.

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Gear list

Peak Climbing Equipments list !

01 : Climbing bhoot 1 pair

02 Trekking shoes 1 pair

03 Sandle 1 pair

04 Corporm 1 shet

05 Harness /jumar /decender / seiling tep 1 shet

06 2 lock Caravanars / 2 unlock caravanars

07 Wind & water proof jacket & pant 1 shet

08 Halmat 1

09 Ice axe 1

10 trekking /climbing bag 1

11 Duffle bag 1

12 Down jacket 1

13 Down pant /trekking pants 1

14 Snow goggle / sunglass 1+1

15 Head lump 1

16 Caps buff mongkey caps ( for keeping worm your head ) Few

17 Shocks 5-6 pairs

18 Sleeping bag

19 Mini corporm 1 pair

20 Mitton gloves 1 pair / trekking glove 2 pairs

21 Fleece inner wears 2 pairs & your daily use besic cloths

22 Water bottle 1

23 Sun block cream 50+sff lip gard / tooth pase / tooth brush

24 madicine kid which consult by your doctor



Down or fiber filled waterproof jacket and trousers

(1) Lightweight cotton long pants

(3 pairs) Fleece jacket or pullover

(1) Warm cotton trousers (2 pairs)

Shirts and T-shirts (4 pieces). Long under wear (2 pieces)

Short under wear (4 pieces)

Sun hat or scarf (1) Woolen hat (1)

Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof (1)

Lightweight gloves (1)

Sunglasses (1)

Rain coat (1)

Head Scrap



Trekking boot (one pairs)

Thick socks (3 pairs)

Light socks (3 pairs)

Sandals (1 pair)

mini crampons -1 pair 



Sleeping bag (4seasons)-1 if you have can bring

 hygienic Down jacket -1

Daypack – 1

Water bottle –1 

 Sun creams Hiking Poles Thermos Flask Bright Headlamps/Spare batteries

 dairy milk bars – chocolate is a must! trail mix and peanuts


Diamox – for altitude Advil Aleve Vicks vapor rub Sunscreen chapstick anti nauseant – you tend to feel just a bit nauseaus a lot at altitude. immodium – diarrhea is common at altitued. bandaids blister bandaids or moleskin eye drops advil cold and dinus nasal moisturizer – altitude causes nasal cavities to be very dry, nasal moisturizer was very helpful. Q-tips tweezers tiger balm

Outdoor Equipments

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